Wow – Lot’s of Passion About Wine Balloon

February 11th, 2012

Thank you all for the support and comments about our “swim with the sharks”. You are obviously all very passionate inventors and entrepreneurs. It was a flurry of activity at the peak. We are still in control of the company but still in touch with the Sharks. You never know what the future holds. We’d still like to partner. We shall see.

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  1. Charlie says:

    I am hopeful you backed out of the shark deal. You are much better off on your own!!!! You will make that $400,000 many times over!

    • Eric says:

      Thanks charlie –

      We still own the company and are still in contact with the sharks.

      Thanks for commenting

      • Lisa says:

        I am SO glad to hear you did not take the deal. I came on the site to check it out after the show, and although loved the idea was honestly not going to buy one because I was so disgusted with the Sharks. Now that I know you backed out, I bought one. I worked in the wine industry for most of my career and know this is a fantastic approach to such a common issue. Best of luck and please let me know if I can help connect you to anyone in the biz to help!

      • Rob says:

        I am so glad you still own the company. It is a great idea and the sharks were trying to steal it through intimidation. I would not have bought the product if they owned it.

      • Charlie says:

        I am so happy to hear that you kept the company and that other people have similar sentiments. Like other people were saying, I was interested in the product until the end of the segment when they tried to bamboozle you. That was truly a disgusting display of greed and manipulation from the entire panel. And the reality is that if Kevin weren’t interested in the product, he would have played the same dirty card as Robert.

        It’s the first “brilliant” idea I’ve seen on the show, once you did your demonstration of the product. Again, I’m glad you didn’t sell because I would NEVER have considered purchasing this. The losers here are the vial Mark and that blind follower of a QVC exec. Why they didn’t take you up on your reasonable offer of a 2-3% royalty, I will never know. Anyway, the minute I see your product in any store, I will remember it and I will absolutely spend my money on it.

  2. Quinetta says:

    I’m so happy to hear that you still own the money. You obviously had to step back after all the excitement and pressure from being in the Tank. I drink wine often and throw away good Rose’ wine all the time. I’m glad you invented the wine balloon and will be purchasing one.

  3. Karen says:

    We opened a bottle of wine tonight and made the comment about probably not finishing it before it goes bad. Will buy your product and try it!

    We were wondering why the deal with the sharks purchasing your company did not go thru?

  4. Scott says:

    I think you got bullied by the sharks at the end. They saw a good thing and got selfish. Good for you for backing out. You’ve got a great product. Keep up the hard work and you’ll make multiples of that $400,000,

  5. Sandra Douglas says:

    I am SOOOOOOO glad that you kept your company!! They had NO RIGHT to offer you money, then reduce it because you didn’t answer “fast enough”… Your product is great, and you will make 100 time that paltry little $400,000!! Woo hoo Wine Balloon guy!! Good luck!!

  6. Keith says:

    Did you back out of the shark deal? Yes or no?

  7. Amanda says:

    I also feel you were bullied. It seems as though the moral compass was missing, which would have been Barbara. Really, as we know $600,000 is only $300,000 after taxes & your idea is worth far more the 300K. What you had asked was so resonable at 3%, you could see it was more about them putting on a show, then being realistic. It’s like the shrimp burger guy, he walked away & had more offers then he could handle when he got home. He now owns his business & does 5 mill a year in sales. Let people know you still have control & watch what happens then with the “sharks your still in contact with”. You know what your doing, you still have control! Bravo!

  8. Jack says:

    Saw you on Shark Tank and am glad to hear that the deal didn’t go through. Just purchased a Wine Balloon. If it works as advertised, I’ll be buying several more. Good Luck!!

  9. Simon Cribbles says:

    Good job exploiting ABC and that Sharktank show. The balloon is the gimmick – think of branding images on the balloon. Move away from latex, the medical industry is moving away just because of a very small number of allergic reactions and the public is slowly thinking latex is dangerous.

  10. Steve says:

    From a fellow Shark Tank entrepreneur (I Want To Draw a Cat For You), I’m VERY happy that you still own this company! This is a great, great product… and I can’t wait to buy one.


  11. Ron says:

    I was just sick that you let them steal your company! I am now thrilled for you and wish you the best of luck!


  12. Dave says:

    Glad to hear you have backed out of the $400,000 offer. Some of the ‘snake-oil’ tricks which the ‘sharks’ were throwing your way were pretty pathetic and desperate. You know you have a hot item on your hands when potential investors want nothing to do with a royalty arrangement and are only interested in yanking the rug(your company) out from under your feet. Kudos for maximizing your air time though. I’m looking forward to making a purchase and having 100% of the profits make their way into your pocket.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks Dave. Glad to hear you agree with the real final result. It’s a very tense situation as the inventor’s do want the experience and support of a Shark……..but they quickly pushed my original intent in a very different direction. Thanks for your support.

      • Chris says:

        I agree with all the commentors, I was cringing when you took the deal, am relieved you’re still in control. I absolutely think you have a great product and will make much more than the $400,000 they offered. Kudos to you!

  13. Phillip King says:

    Shark Tank was the best damn eight minute nationally televised advertising spot you could ever EVER ask for! Forget selling the company, you’ve ALREADY gotten what you need from Mark Burnett and his friends! I don’t drink, but I love the product, and I think it can be huge. Good luck!

    • Eric says:

      Phillip – you are correct. It was a good show for all involved. It’s a serious product and I hope it was represented that way. Thanks for the note.

      • Paul Rutter says:

        Before your segment was over, I had googled wine balloon and placed an order. Now I see you didn’t take the 600K/400K. I’ll be FBing the product because I want to share it with my wino friends. I wish you well!

  14. Mike W says:

    Just watched the show. I went searching the web to see what happened after. I was feeling bad for you. I am so glad the company is still yours! Have you thought about doing a Groupon? That would give you some good publicity and a Lot of sales! Great Luck to you!

  15. Dave says:

    Hey Eric – I was yelling “Don’t Take It” at the TV last night. I can’t believe they were being so stingy with the royalties. Glad to see you’re still in control. Just ordered my first Wine Balloon and can’t wait to try it. Glad that money is in your pocket instead of Cuban’s! :)

  16. Tony says:

    How were you able to back out? Aren’t the deals final on the program?

  17. Taylor says:

    As an Internet Marketer, I’m always reaching after the idea of smart, passive income. If you’re not thinking of the future, what’s the point, right? If someone offered me $10,000 for my acne website, I wouldn’t take it, because I know that over a few year period of time, that simple site would make way more than $10,000.

    When you took the deal, I was screaming, “No!!!!!! Think of the future.” I am so glad to hear that you retracted. Over a lifetime, this company will net way more than $400,000.

  18. Harry says:

    I hope that it is true that you decided not to take the Shark’s offer.
    I watch the show regularly and was really struck by their attitude on this show.
    If this is any indication, the members of the tank have really slipped into something that is not very attractive. Punishing you with a $200k loss was really over the top!
    I’m a wine fan in a household that often doesn’t help me drink it and having a way to keep a bottle for a day or two is really a need I have.
    I ordered one last night
    and can’t wait to give it a try.
    I wish you lot’s of success in the future.

  19. Sean says:

    Yes, I too was getting pissed at the way the Sharks started reducing offers and Cuban who loves the spotlight telling Barbara and Kevin to be quiet so he can talk and tell everyone how it’s going to go.”You have to say yes now!”
    Who negotiates like this.

    I also agree with that one posting about Groupon, you’d explode the sales!

    I don’t drink wine but my wife does and I too am an entrepreneur so you have my support and admiration all the way.

    Good Luck

  20. Michael says:


    You said that you were still looking for a partner. Please consider contacting me as some of our distribution channels will overlap and I can help you ride this wave of publicity.

    Toledo, OH

  21. Anna says:

    I hope this deal for your great product doesn’t go through. The offer even before they lowered it was a joke. Plus, you would have taxes out of it! Hopefully you outsmarted the ‘sharks’ and used them for advertising. I was SO angry when they lowered the money for you daring to ask for more and then stuck with that. I wouldn’t have taken even 700,000 without a royalty. These guys are sharks and parasites.

  22. Fenner says:

    Eric – I also think it was a wise move to back out of the Shark deal. When they initially offered the cash, I immediately said to my wife that I thought the only way you should take it was if there was a 2-3% royalty included. I’m so glad you are still in control. Just ordered mine and am looking forward to its’ arrival with open bottle and glass in hand.

  23. Me says:

    I am so relieved you didn’t take the $400,000. Your product is worth much more and the sharks were being so snarky!

  24. Jason says:

    I just saw the show as well; I am very happy that you didn’t take the deal. Your idea is worth way more than they were offering. They were so quick to offer you money because they knew it was a great idea. Then, just tried to push you into a deal that really didnt seem that great. Hope your company is doing well! I will be purchasing a wine ballon for myself and friends. Can’t wait to try it out!

  25. Theresa says:

    I, too, am relieved to find out that the deal did not go through as aired last night. You have a great product, and I plan on purchasing a few, for myself as well as for gifts — first, I want to make sure that the shark, Lori Greiner is not involved – it was she who started to downward spiral of the price for your company. I think you should go on QVC, yourself!!

  26. Marianne says:

    Eric, please help us understand. So the deals that are made on the show are not final on either side?
    I for one am very happy for you. I love your product and will get one soon. I hate pumping the darn wine bottle. I thought the sharks were exceptionally ruthless forwards you, left a very greedy impression.

  27. MV says:

    Shark Tank is better than a B school education. This product is genius, will make you rich, no need to pimp it out to greedy sharks in a feeding frenzy. That should tell you something. And… you got the best PR imaginable for your product. ’nuff said.

  28. DJC says:

    Glad to hear your deal didn’t go through. SO GLAD! The way you were treated really bothered me. I don’t like Mark Cuban, never have. I would have gone with Kevin, his deal seemed fair and he has all the wine connections. But you may not need anyone after the publicity. I would market it to individuals and high end restaurants that serve good wines. Good luck, I hope to be on shark tank one day.

  29. Dawn Pack says:

    I am so happy to hear that you stepped out of that deal with the Sharks! When I watched how they treated you last night I was screaming at the TV and was still on fire this morning. I was excited when I saw the WB on the show last night because I purchased this product last summer as a gift for my mother. FYI she loves it! I thought this is going to be a great deal for this man, people are going to love this product! Then the Sharks turned on the feeding frenzy and tried to steal your company, seriously I was livid, lol. Glad you made it out of the water, the exposure you got it going to send the WB soaring. Whether it is the sharks that come back with a real and serious deal this time or someone else, make sure you retain some percentage because you are going to be rich!

  30. Erin says:

    Cuban was a JERK! so was Lauri your product is worth a few million and you went for 400,000???? So ticked at the sharks tonight, walk from the deal and stick to your guns.

  31. Joel says:

    If you sell this retail, make certain to advertise on your packaging that your company is not owned by Sharks. My wife and I like your product idea, but we would not buy it from the Sharks after witnessing that episode. Knowing now that the deal never went through, we’ll be buying. Congrats on some great press!

  32. Texas CPA says:

    This appears to be a great product and the segment seemed to be very effective. Also, the design and packaging appear to be deliberated very well. I just made a purchase with two spares. I wish you the best in this and future endeavors; looking forward to other great products from you in the future. For what it is worth, in my opinion Bed Bath & Beyond may be a great national retail outlet if you feel like the margin cut would not exceed the additional revenues.


  33. Ed says:

    Eric, I was so pleased to hear that you backed out of the deal with the Sharks. I found Cuban’s brow beating tactics to be repulsive. That is not a way to build a business relationship. You will do far better having the future upside. I was so impressed with your product that I just ordered it on your website.

  34. Sam says:

    Eric – Smart moves, getting on TV to promote the Wine Balloon before you go to mass marketing effort. I really think you have a winner on your hands. Best of luck, great idea…


  35. Kimberlie says:

    You mentioned latex was used to make this product. I wish that wasn’t true because I’m very allergic to latex. Have you thought of making a product without it?

  36. Spencer Lombardo says:

    Wow! I’m a huge sharktank fan and entrepreneur and this was one of the best ideas I have seen on that show. Mark Cuban was just playing hardball and I’m surprised the other sharks didn’t get in when he was trying to beat you up. I would have at least countered with a 1% royalty to wet your whistle knowing that a deal isn’t signed until its inked and that after this aired other investors would be clamoring for it. They got greedy and ironically might have been the ones to miss out, not you – you have the patent!

  37. Ankit says:

    Eric, just watched the episode online. I have friendly advise for you. In future, back down from such situations. Stick to your original plan. And take your mind and time out of the plot and think before committing. I am glad you backed out. I think your original offer was also undervalued.

  38. gus says:

    I am soooo glad you did not go with the 400k. It was a robbery like Kevin said.
    you have the BEST idea I have ever seen on Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den.
    I would have done the deal with Kevin, he does have the cinnectiins and the knwoledge to get an excellent licensing deal.
    Good luck.
    Where can I find the wine balloon in Montreal?

  39. Madison Lewin says:

    You had me doubting your smarts there
    If they all wanted it so badly the way they did it was for sure telling you that you had a fabulous product on your hands. That if you needed money that badly you would have people knocking down your door. Obviously you do since your product is out there at Target and other such shops already.
    I am only sorry the audience didn’t see the real results. That is the true learning processes not what they want the audience to see, that you should be vulnerable and just go for the deal. NONSENSE

  40. Wendy says:

    I’m SOOOOO glad to hear you didn’t take the deal! I, too, was screaming at the TV not to take it and came here to find out what might have happened (and I’m don’t even drink, ).

    Those guys aren’t going to buy 100% of the company unless they see a WINNER, big time! Even had you gone back to Kevin’s deal, you would have had $40k + 70% of your company which would have made you far more than $360k over time! And now that people have seen you, you can probably get into that licensing deal on your own, if you so chose–they’ve seen it and know someone like Kevin is willing to walk in with you. No need to have to partner with him now to get a licensing deal, IMHO.

    But in the heat of the moment, maintain your cool! Someone once told me I can ALWAYS ask, “can I get back to you on that?” If I can’t, then it’s usually not a good proposition for me! :o ) Best of luck to you and keep us posted!

  41. Wendy says:

    Ugh… “(and *I* don’t even drink)”

    How embarrassing!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I remember, now, where I saw your product before. You were on a similar show a year or 2 ago, where a single shark like person was deciding between several products, which one to invest in. He could only choose 1. You had the wine balloon, and then a couple of guys who were partners had zip lines for a remote control and I don’t remember the others. I don’t remember who won in that contest, but I remember being really impressed with YOUR product. It’s nice to see that you’re still around and your wine balloon is going strong. Good luck to you!

  43. Dan says:

    That was brutal watching them take advantage of a nice guy like that. I think you should cut all ties from the sharks, they’re only going to try and scam you. Even though I don’t drink wine, your product is the perfect gift for my friend and I will be getting one. I wouldn’t have if the company belonged to one of the sharks instead.

  44. Stephanie says:


    So glad the deal did not go though. Most of the those sharks have/been billionaires and tried to dangle the 600k in front of you as bait as if you were a sucker fish. Then decided to put a lessor bait of 400k as if you were not worth the chum. So excited to see that even though you nibbled you didn’t get hooked. (Sorry for my fishing analogy. Could not help myself.) I think they showed their true colors on the show.

    I have read your comments and response where you have wrote “we are still in control of the company”. To me it is not 100% clear that you turned down all the money. Because I would like at least 2 wine balloons but I so not want any of my money going to any of those sharks. I would rather pour the remainder of the wine down the sink!

  45. Stephanie says:

    So glad the deal did not go though. Most of the those sharks have/been billionaires and tried to dangle the 600k in front of you as bait as if you were a sucker fish. Then decided to put a lessor bait of 400k as if you were not worth the chum. So excited to see that even though you nibbled you didn’t get hooked. (Sorry for my fishing analogy. Could not help myself.) I think they showed their true colors on the show.

    I have read your comments and response where you have wrote “we are still in control of the company”. To me it is not 100% clear that you turned down all the money. Because I would like at least 2 wine balloons but I so not want any of my money going to any of those sharks. I would rather pour the remainder of the wine down the sink!

  46. Roger says:

    Great to hear that you still own 100% of the company. Mason, Ohio? I am wondering if you will be keeping your yacht on the Ohio River or Lake Erie.

  47. marsh says:

    I am glad to hear that the deal didn’t go through. I thought they were trying to bully you and rip you off!

  48. Brian says:

    Eric, I’m happy that you backed out of the deal. I was so upset while watching your segment knowing that the you got a raw deal from the sharks. I will definitely be buying one for my father’s birthday. Do you plan on selling this in stores?

  49. Leona & Martha says:

    I am so glad you could get out of that deal. I could not believe what “sharks” they were. I would not have bought this product from them but I will buy from you. I am not much of a drinker but I would drink more wine if I could keep it longer. This show has been a favorite of mine but I will certainly look at it with new eyes. Mark Cuban and Damon also seem a little cockier this season. I know they run in different circles than I do but I would hope that having money wouldn’t change a person that much. I thought this program was supposed to help and not cheat the struggling entreprenuers out there.

  50. John J. says:

    Eric, glad to see you’re still in control.. I think you were wise to say NO to the Sharks… unless they went for the 3% option, which I think would have served you well. Also, regarding Groupon, the way that works is RARELY a benefit to the retailer. If, for instance, you opt to sell your product for $12 instead of the regular $22, you only net HALF of the selling price, with Groupon getting the other half… so in that scenario, you get to keep a whopping $6 ($0.50 below your cost) and Groupon gets $6. Personally I don;t think your product works well in that scenario, but it’s your game, go play it the way you want!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!

  51. TPortnoy says:

    What about Kevin’s offer? That was quality. You don’t get a cash payday but you get royalties and no risk! Someone else takes all the risk, does all the work and you roll on doing nothing but getting checks. I’m glad you didn’t sell out as was suggested on the show, they were being bullies, but you should have taken Kevin’s offer more seriously. It was a good offer.

  52. Lowell says:

    I went to your site yesterday and ordered the WB and am anxious to give it a try. After looking at your website I see that you had some previous exposure on TV, and with other promoters. I was real surprised that you didn’t take one of those licensing deals that you were offered before Shark Tank. That told me you have a clear vision for your business. I was shocked and horrified that you took that crap sandwich of a deal from Cuban and the QVC lady. Then I was happy that something happened after the show to nix the deal. I wish someone would tell us what really happens after the shows. In retrospect the show seems to be choreographed and scripted to achieve a certain result on the show. I’ve met several VC guys in the past and while they were always tough, they were never jerks like Cuban was. Some day he will get his just desserts. You have a winner of a product and there is no doubt that you will profit beyond your wildest dreams. I’ve never cheered so hard for someone else to succeed!

  53. Stephanie says:

    I have thought about your Wine Balloon since the show aired. I am SO glad to see you still own YOUR idea! Your future holds much more then what the Sharks offered! Best of luck to you!

  54. @RyFi says:

    Eric, I’m happy to hear you’re still in control of your company (if that is accurate)! Always remember… if it’s worth that much to someone today, it sure as hell will be worth the same tomorrow. That segment felt like a damn timeshare sales presentation! This is a great idea, I will be purchasing one for myself and a few family members!

  55. John Galt says:

    Eric, what can you tell us about the show? How binding is their offer? I assume they have all kinds of loopholes that let them back out of a deal. Was it your choice to back out or did they try to screw you even more after their 400K offer?

  56. Zack says:

    So relieved you didn’t sell! Congrats! Just ordered mine. Good luck!

  57. Dave B says:


    Can you explain the process? How were you able to make an agreement on the show and then back out afterward?

    Love the product and plan to buy at least one.

  58. Newman Kotter says:

    I was so relieved to hear that the “Shark Deal” fell through! That was the most disgusting display of negotiation I have ever seen. You have a 20 million dollar product buddy boy, stay away from those goldfish and seek a genuine partner! Pretty soon you’ll be eating cheesecake everyday!

  59. Dena says:

    I love your idea!!! I will buy a few of them for my family, friends and of course myself! There are plenty of people who drink red wine that will love this idea! Good luck.

  60. Annapolis says:

    Shark Tank, the tv show, won because it was a great show.

    Laurie and Cuban showed their true colors – no business ethics. They lost.

    I bet Cuban leaves the show. His Napoleonic ego won’t stand for criticism.

    Say your prayers that you had a back-out clause.
    In the end, good guy Eric won. Congratulations. I just ordered 10 for office gifts. Keep on inventing!

  61. Sylvia says:

    I too am very happy to hear you didn’t take that deal. Your product will go very far. I wish you the best in this great journey.

  62. Ed says:

    Sharks! more like Carp! (bottom feeders) Wow! we were just sick at how those Sharks took advantage of you! We knew that you really have something great with this product! Can see it sell at all wine tasting cellars and wine events. We also wouldn’t buy one if the sharks sold it, but we will purchase one from you. It’s your idea! keep control of it! Good Luck!

  63. Susan Gorius says:


    Went on line tonight to buy my wine balloons – great idea. I am always excited to see better items enter the market for existing problems. Good luck with this and all your future inventions! Keep that notebook close to capture those ideas – Susan

  64. Tammy says:

    To say that your segment on The Shark Tank was disturbing is an understatement. I feel compelled to add my voice to all your supporters.
    Whatever you do, please keep interest in this company! If distribution is a challenge which is often the case with new business, licensing may be a great option for you.
    Rest assured, this product is going to net you far more than the original $600k you were offered in that feeding frenzy in the tank!
    I’m ordering mine…

  65. Mike I says:

    I’m so relieved you backed out of the deal. I was surprised you didn’t accept O’Leary’s offer! To me, clearly he had the better deal. Money to use, much more business, and control of the company.
    For them to penalized you for not responding fast enough? If they wouldn’t have edit it out I would have given them the finger with some verbal thank yous! What is this elementary school? That Cuban tries to be a real bully and that QVC lady clearly responds better to women then to men. Barbara is such a better fit.

    Eric, one thing I wanted to ask you. Would your wine balloon work with carbonated beverages? If I’m not using it for a bottle of wine that night can I make the soda last a little longer? Same principal right? Would it keep the CO2 in the liquid? Why limit it to wine?
    Good Luck with the company, $400 grand, or even $600 grand will pass you by pretty quickly now that you have the Shark exposure!

  66. Matt says:

    like others said, i was googling this product while i was watching the show (i DVR’d it, so put it on pause). I will be ordering mine too and am very pleased you backed out of the deal. You are going to make $400,000 so fast it’s not even funny. Congrats and good luck!

  67. Ian says:

    I always make a point of drinking the whole bottle of wine in the same night I open it. So although your product may not serve me, I’ll definitely by it as a gift. I probably won’t watch Shark Tank after your episode. I like good business, not chicken hawks out to show everyone how big their dick is. Meanwhile you got Herjavec egging those shysters on and it wasn’t so long ago he was crying on TV of how bad his family had it. I can see why Brett Wilson would want nothing to do with this group of bastards. Any millionaire who screws there countrymen like the way those sharks did, should have their heart fed to them. Glad you didn’t sell but I wish you wouldv’e told them to blow you on national TV.

  68. Laura says:

    You should have a note on the homepage that you stil own the company! I too was going to buy it until I saw what they did to you! Best of luck. Going to buy one now!

  69. Sky says:

    Both my hubby and I were fuming at the way the Sharks were trying to bully you out of your reasonable and fair share of the profits! So very happy to know you walked away from the deal. Heck, we don’t even drink but I would buy one of your Wine Balloons just to support you for the backbone to walk away from a rip-off deal. Best of luck!

  70. Zane says:

    Lisa captured my sentiments:
    “I am SO glad to hear you did not take the deal. I came on the site to check it out after the show, and although loved the idea was honestly not going to buy one because I was so disgusted with the Sharks. Now that I know you backed out”

    I lost a lot of respect for Cuban during your segment. I know you’re still in talks with the sharks and I think most of them would be great business partners, but what Cuban was doing during your segment was disgusting. I want to like him, because I am an entrepreneur at heart, but that segment put lovely capitalism in a bad light. Capitalism is of course amoral, but an immoral person can cause people to blame capitalism. Capitalism actually brings out the most service FOR others from people who would normally be self-serving.

    Okay, I will step off my soap box now. Congratulations on not taking the sucker deal.

  71. none says:

    Happy that u did not take the deal.
    hope u make $400k and much more

  72. Spencer says:


    Please tell us more about how the the Sharks’ offer works. On the show you said you accepted the $400k. How did you back out?

    Congrats on doing so (backing out). The appeal of the product coupled with the no. of wine drinkers around the world, suggests the $400-600k offer, w/ no royalty, was grossly inadequate.

    Am buying 3 of your product, w/ extra balloons, right now.

  73. Jackson says:

    Dear Barbara and Eric,

    I suspect that you have had a good bump in online sales after the Tank. As an entrepreneur, an angel investor in several other enterprises, and B-School professor I would be interested in finding out if you still need investment and support. If so, I would be interested in talking off line. Either way, good luck to you.

  74. Sarah says:


    I am so happy you didn’t take the Sharks’ offer. I wouldn’t buy it had they owned your invention. You will make much more than $400K on your own. They were so greedy. I had rarely felt so much anger watching their show. You’re still taking to them. I’m sure some of them are great partners to work with. Keep control of the company though!
    I don’t even drink wine, but will be buying the wine balloon for friends and family. It’s a great invention!

    Good luck!

  75. Matt says:

    Eric – I haven’t seen you weigh in for a while. Did you make a deal with the sharks?

  76. Eric,
    Like EVERY PERSON here, I just sighed so big! I just watched that episode last night and was so wishing for a royalty. What I’ve done in the past is do take the upfront $ BUT I add a ‘lottery clause’. In other words, take the $400/600k but when sales reach 20 million (some number that makes sense), you would receive a royalty from then on. You still get the cash and if it does take off, you’ll still get the royalty. But if it doesn’t take off like we all hope, you’ve got the money.

    I never made it on the show, though I got a call back from them and they had me submit a video for theCRICKETtoy®.

    I hope this wave you’re riding goes sky high. I just bought a wine balloon to try and nudge the wave a littler higher(and will tweet about it and tell my friends). Congratulations!

    SO SO SO glad to hear how this ended up!

  77. Natalie says:

    My kids and I were yelling near the end of the Shark Tank segment. We will all sleep better knowing that you still have ownership of your company. It served to demonstrate some valuable lessons to my kids as well. We plan to purchase a few of these for upcoming gifts. Good luck!

  78. I’m interested in purchasing large quantities for Internet sales. I am also open to the discussion of putting capital in for the expansion of your enterprise. Please feel free to write or call. My email address, name and website was submitted.

    Best wishes, Alex D

  79. Spencer says:


    I just watched the episode of Shark Tank and I’m thrilled to know you backed out. I too will buy multiples now for myself and my father-in-law.

    One quick thought, I live in Orlando and used to work for Disney. Walt Disney World holds a Food & Wine Festival every year at Epcot. Have you tried to get in to showcase your product there? I’m sure it would do VERY well!

    As a fellow marketing professional, I’m very curious to see how you progress! Best of luck!

  80. Fred says:

    I went to your website immediately after your pitch on Shark Tank because I thought it was such a great product. Then I saw the awful deal the sharks pressured you into and I literally felt ill.

    This is a great product idea and worth much more than 400K (or even 600K). The Shark’s greed and lack of integrity on this one really got to me. After I saw you accept the deal I decided not to purchase the product just on principle.

    I’m so glad to hear that you backed out of this “non-deal” that I’ve reconsidered and plan on buying the product from your website. Hold on to this company. Great product ideas don’t come often and I truly believe that you’re on to something valuable.

    Investors that you speak to over the next few months will be greedy and try to pry ownership from you but don’t give in to them. You’re in the driver’s seat not them, so use them to your advantage, not the other way around. Remember that they are looking out for themselves, not you. Keep control of the company and full ownership of your patent no matter what.

    Congrats and good luck!

    • Fred says:

      By the way, I just ordered my Wine Balloon from your website. Looking forward to enjoying the second 1/2 of my bottles!


  81. Lily says:

    Why, oh why did you agree to take their money? These people are shameless. Hope that you will be able to back out of that deal. I and my husband were so-ooo nervous for you during the show, pleading “No, please say no, don’t take the money!”
    Well, I think the show was the best promotion for your product. And maybe it would be easier to talk to Bed, Bath & Beyond and such. I’ll definitely order one for myself (more than once poured out unused wine), and it’s a great gift, too. Best of luck to you, Eric!
    Again, you came up with a simple and great solution to the problem, and YOU deserve all the cudos!!!

    • Eric says:

      Thanks Lily…… you can see throughout the website and comments…we didn’t end up selling.

      • James says:

        Wow. I must have caught this on a rerun tonight. Great to hear you didn’t sell. This is an amazing invention. I forget where I read it, but a study was done, and not exposing wine to air is the only way to preserve it. The study put a bunch of marbles in the bottle to get out the air–but that’s not practical. This invention is very practical. As I watched the show, I was going to buy one. But then when I thought the sharks owned it, I decided not to. But then I saw “still original inventor owned” on the web site, so now I’m going to get one again. There are millions of wine drinkers around–make just a few bucks per, and you’re way past $400,000.

  82. john says:

    Saw that episode and thought you were being bullied into selling your baby. Good on you to to walk away…if they were willing to offer you $600K upfront, then there is obviously a huge potential.

  83. Roy says:

    I just saw the episode your product came out on and I was like no way he took that offer. But it looks like you took your company back that’s great. Good Job. If I was there at that moment however I would have said to the two offering your 400k that they have 5 seconds to say yes to taking the company back for 600k royalty or the guy with the 40k and 30% royallty takes the deal, that would have been a nice twist =P

    • Roy says:

      I meant 600k with 1% royalty because every product has a life cycle and I see the life cycle of this quite long but but not sure how long so as to taking the present value of the life cycle down say 15 years at a 2 or 3% discount rate would be 445k. That probably makes up for the 200k the sharks had in mind, but they made the calculation much faster. The 1% royalty attached to the 600k may probably have been an alright deal then and there and investing it elsewhere.

  84. Susan says:

    Hi Eric,

    I just caught the episode tonight and couldn’t stop thinking about it! Like so many others I was so disgusted by the shark’s behavior, and so upset that you took the deal…so happy to see that you ended up saying no! Yeah!! So, I usually don’t have left over wine :) but I’ll buy a balloon just cause I loved the idea, and to ‘stick it’ to those sharks! Best of luck!

  85. Larry Zamba says:

    For whatever reasons this deal didn’t go through, I’m glad. It was obvious you were getting ripped off.

  86. Adam says:

    Can someone explain to me how he still owns the company if he made a deal with the sharks? Clearly there is something going on behind the scenes that we don’t know. It is a TV show after all. I’m alway VERY skeptical of anything I see on reality type shows. In fact, I would venture to say that what I saw last night was all put on for TV and ratings sakes. How in the world could he give up such a brilliant idea for $400,000? It’s too ridiculous to be believable. The FUBU guy kept saying “you’re making dumb decisions” to him. A dumb decision would be to even make a decision that quickly. I’m leaning more towards don’t believe everything you see. Thanks for reading.

    • LJH2100 says:


      Earlier in the same show with the “Show No” Lori wrote a check to the woman for $50K. Kevin made the comment that the was a Shark Tank first because Lori didn’t even do her due diligence. The Sharks always have to go through and review the balance sheets and other details of the business before settling.

      An epic example was the “Hy-Conn” fire hydrant hose attachment. Mark offered him $1.25M and a 3-year salary of $100K”. Never happened!!

  87. Adam says:

    Hi, it’s me again. $400,000/~$22 = ~18,000 units. Are you kidding?! This thing will see far more than 18,000 units. I don’t believe any of what I saw last night. The viewers that believe that are getting eaten by the sharks.

  88. James Snerdlazis says:

    Now owned by LifeTime Brands, now that was a bad decision!

  89. LJH2100 says:


    I cannot imagine the type of pressure you were under when the “Sharks” were really laying it on thick. During the commercial break I said to myself “he better ask for a royalty”. When you did, they acted as if you had spoken foolishness, even though they should have offered a royalty in the original deal.

    I’m sure you have gotten offers from other “non-Shark” investors, however, if you would have just shut them down with a “no” on the show I’m sure a lot more investors would have flooded in.

    Good luck!

  90. YesSir says:

    I happened to be channel surfing and just saw your appearance on a re-run of Shark Tank- I’m not a wine drinker, nor an entrepreneur but still was impressed by your idea.

    Then when I heard the sharks bullying/berating you, your appearance became memorable so that now a few days later I googled “wine balloon” to find out what happened because the sharks’ behavior was still bugging me. Now seeing all these comments, I see you have an edge over so many other good products because you became a person who people want to rally around after what you went through.

    I hope you capitalize on that personal touch; maybe make a quick youtube video telling us about your after-shark experience. It’s pretty cheap advertising, and since this episode was successful for the show, I imagine it’ll still get people like me searching for follow-up info.

  91. Drinkinwine says:

    So glad to read all the above e-mails and that you’re still independent. I was just wondering, its been 5-6 months since your Shark Tank experience. How has the WB company grown? Congratulations on the success!

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